JEDO Project Initiatives

Improved Broadband Internet Access

JEDO is seeking ways to improve broadband access throughout Topeka and Shawnee County. While parts of Topeka and Shawnee County currently enjoy access to broadband services meeting the FCC Baseline performance standard, many do not. The goal of this RFI is threefold:

  1. Make available a minimum of 25/3 Mbps service to virtually all premises within the County – rural and urban alike.
  2. Ensure that every household has access to a minimum of 25/3 Mbps service, especially households with school-aged children. In addition, the Program seeks to identify ways to allow households who may not be able to afford even reduced-price service access to home broadband.
  3. Introduce gigabit services to parts of Topeka and Shawnee County that are currently well-served with broadband infrastructure.

JEDO invites interested parties to respond to this Request for Information by October 26, 2018, in order to better understand how JEDO might be able to work with providers to build out service in unserved or underserved areas. Respondents may include internet service providers (ISPs) that currently serve residential or business customers, providers of wholesale services (such as transport) to ISPs, or organizations that operate programs to provide internet access to low-income populations.


  • 9/18/2018: RFI released
  • 10/3/2018: Questions due
  • 10/18/2018: Answers to questions posted
  • 10/26/2018: Responses due

View the entire request for information.

View Responses to Vendor Questions on the RFI.